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Vantage Health Access: A New Perspective on Healthcare

By Jason Myers">Jason MyersIn standard12th July, 2012

Austin-based company offers alternative access to primary health care

“Healthcare simplified” is President and CEO Jorge Arzate’s succinct description of his new company, Vantage Health Access. “90 percent of all healthcare administered in America is primary care. Primary care is relatively inexpensive, so why isn’t there a simple, inexpensive way for people to gain access to this care? There are programs for accidents — so why aren’t there programs for non-accidents?”

These are some of the burning questions that led Arzate, who received his education inĀ  Juarez, Mexico and the U.S. Coast Guard, to find a new and innovative alternative to the complex, expensive road of traditional insurance-based healthcare processes. Vantage Health Access allows individuals and families to choose a monthly membership approach instead. A single-person membership costs a flat $40 per month, with larger plans that can accommodate up to five people. The patient also pays a $35 service fee at the time of the visit, and that’s it — Vantage Health Access take care of all the other details. The simplicity, accessibility, affordability and convenience of this arrangement benefits doctors and patients alike. Patients can choose from an ever-growing list of family medicine, internal medicine and chiropractic providers.

The company opened its doors in Spring of 2012 and is still in talks with angel investors to solidify its funding. As funding grows, so will the network of doctors nationwide. Currently 80 percent of the growth effort is directed toward building a customer base. “It’s the chicken or the egg — which comes first, doctors or members? Growing both at the same time has been a challenge.” Throughout the process, Arzate has found the Texas Entrepreneur Network extremely helpful. “TEN has been great!” he says. “They have a lot of resources and a team willing to help you get where you want to go.”

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